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The Netherlands has long been talked-up as the next premier iGaming market. With the newly regulated market set to open later this year, we sat down with Javier Sacristán Franco, Director of R. Franco Digital, to uncover the strategies being put in place by those suppliers aiming to hit the ground running.

There has been some talk that the Netherlands can become one of Europe’s biggest iGaming markets – does R Franco agree with this statement and if so, why?

There is little doubt in our mind that in time, the Netherlands will become one of the most important iGaming markets in Europe. For that reason, at R. Franco we are aware of the importance in hitting the ground running when the new online regulation comes into force on October 1st, 2021. On that date, we will establish ourselves in the Netherlands armed with all our products and services. Dutch operators will be able to utilise our IRIS platform, which is integrated with more than 40 providers across sports betting and casino, the latter including R Franco Games. We also have sophisticated CRM tools, an array of market-relevant payment providers and leading affiliate programmes. In short, everything an operator could ask for to strike an early blow in a newly regulated market. It is also important to highlight the fact that within the IRIS platform, we have included a control system specified by the CDB (Controle Data Bank), in addition to all the additional requirements of the Dutch Gambling Authority.

How does the impending regulatory regime in the Netherlands compare to Germany?

Clearly, there are several important differences that must be taken into account. At the same time, there are certain truths that hold whichever regulated market you are working in. The most important thing for R Franco is that we satisfy our clients while also working alongside regulators. That way the end result is an online market that benefits everyone, from operators right down to the end user – and of course, the regulator that helps ensure the whole ecosystem is safe, secure and responsible.

How important will the Netherlands ultimately become in terms of R Franco’s overall strategy?

For R Franco, the Dutch market represents a clear opportunity for expansion and business growth in Europe, aligning perfectly with the Group’s established strategy. Thanks to the deals we have already closed with strategic partners in the online sector, we see the opening up of the Dutch market as a chance to strengthen these alliances. It’s also an opportunity for us to provide a high level of technological innovation that will assist any operator aiming to stand out within a market as interesting and attractive as the one in the Netherlands.

What importance do you place on localising content for players within this market?

One of our Spanish mottos translates as “R. Franco is Game”. This means that from our origins as a company dating back to 1965, the key to our growth has been the player. We have always created content based around what a player’s preferences are within any given market. To answer the question, we know that the success of our clients – and in turn, our own success – is based around making games which resonate with players and with which they can have fun in a responsible way.

What sort of games do you foresee Dutch players enjoying?

Without giving too much away at this early stage, we have carried out an extensive market analysis in the Netherlands. Based on the results, we plan to make available to our clients a catalogue of games that tallies with the tastes of players. That means a wide variety of games and themes, with the intention of securing 100% satisfaction from every client.

To what extent will your choice of partnerships determine your success in the Dutch regulated market?

Without a doubt, the choice of partner within a highly competitive iGaming world is crucial. The alliances that are the strongest are those that share a common goal, with each partner bringing out the best in one another. For this reason, R. Franco has pursued and secured partnerships with major players in the industry with whom we work together at a global level. The world has changed and R. Franco is proud to be an integral part of the exciting new iGaming environment we all find ourselves immersed in.