Dubai Tourism Chief Says No To GamblingReading Time: 1 minute

Dubai Tourism Chief denied the rumours that they will authorise gambling against the recent arrangements between local hotels and MGM and Caesars Projects.

The recent arrangements between the above mentioned entities generated gossip that pointed to a possible looming ambling authorisation in Dubai. However Dubai officials from the tourism office denied the rumours that already started to hit the mainstream.

In March 2017 an MGM Hospitality project in Dubai was announced which led the gambling industry to the state od speculations.
Not to mention the deal between Meraas – a local developer with deep links in the government – and Caesars Entertainment Corporation to build two mega hotels, all this only added to the already circulating rumours.

We need to bear in mind that there are cultural things that are a priority to us,” Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing chief executive Issam Kazim said as he denied the rumours. He explained that deals with US-based companies were related to the creation of a themed “destination and experience rather than about casinos.

Still, as the UAE seems to be a little more liberal than other Islamic states as it allows drinking alcohol, gambling could be eventually authorised, especially in order to help the country’s desire to boost Dubai’s tourism industry. However, it won’t be in the near future.



Source: European Gaming Media and Events