Whoever has never experienced a contentious situation with a service or a purchase on the internet, raise your hand! It happened to me and it must have happened to you too. In these cases, you never know where to turn and how to fix the problem. Keeping your cool is often the best thing to do, but it’s not enough! To avoid wasting time in searching all-out for solutions, here are some wise tips for online casino players.

Reasons Disputes on Online Casinos

The main disputes relate to the terms of payment, deposit and withdrawals, bonuses, and free spins. In addition to the technical problems with software and account management. Even for possible addiction problems! See more info on payments here.

Often, a partial reading of the terms and conditions of online casinos is the source of misunderstandings. You can’t control your account and spoil your enjoyment of online casino games. So, carefully reading all the casino terms can prevent any problems that can arise later. However, this cannot be enough especially if the flaw is from the casino side.

One is never safe from in the virtual realm. That’s why you can read this article before launching a war on the casino on the opinion and criticism sites like AskGamblers. There is also a solution intended to simplify the life of the player above all, and it’s good to know them.


Payment Problems

Let’s say we had problems with the payment. It’s never nice not to get your payouts right away, but sometimes you may just miss a step in the withdrawal process! List of payment processors can be found here.

You can check before starting a complaint whether you have followed all the steps. Then, you can ask the customer care help if it is necessary.

A tip: take a look at the cashier section to know the processing times of withdraws. Trust us, we’ve been there! Sometimes players forget that withdraws take some time and are only processed during working days so weekends and holidays aren’t counted. While if you think that you’re somehow neglected, you can ask the support service to confirm withdraw faster. Then they will recognize their mistake and everything will be fine!


Misunderstanding About Bonuses

The dispute may relate to the withdrawal of the welcome deposit. This is the key point in disputes between players and casinos. A word of advice: if the bonus conditions do not suit you,  look for a better online casino there are plenty of fish in the sea! Let’s not forget that the goal is to have fun playing above all!

If you register at an online casino and make the first deposit, that will mean that you have accepted their rules.

As for the bonus problems, they can be really legion. You must pay attention to the conditions so as not to see our earnings and the funds accumulated in your account being cancelled for non-compliance with the rules. The causes of violation of the bonus conditions may relate to the plurality of your accounts on the casino or the regulations specific to each country in terms of bonus restrictions, to the rule of the maximum bet, or even to hacking of account!


Game Glitches

Sometimes it’s not our job, it’s the gaming software that is bugging. This happens very rarely, but it can dramatically reduce our winning odds or even increase it significantly! The online games technique is never foolproof. Most of the games glitches are related to “bad RTP calculations” that make the game pay more than usual or less than regular.

Regarding the various disputes, another scenario exists when the amount of your deposit does not reflect. This can happen for several reasons, but it is reasonable to contact the support to not make mistakes. Sometimes this can happen because your payment is stuck by your bank or E-wallet. Also, it can be a simple delay that will return to order.

Tip: With online wallets like Paypal or Skrill, deposits and withdraws can be faster.


Deposits Limiting

Other concerns can occur such as exceeding or not taking into account the deposit limit by the casino. The gaming operator has 24 hours to accept changes to the deposit limits specified by the player; its limits help us if we have trouble controlling our spending in case of addiction.


How To Get Out of Disputes?

The key is to properly identify your problem before submitting a claim or complaint to avoid laborious and energy-consuming emails and chat sessions. This way, you can help the customer support agent understand your issue better and help you faster.

Put yourself in his shoes; In front of you, a long email filled with yelling and shouting in a capitalized words and no line has a clear meaning! What do you expect from him? The natural response of the support agent, in this case, is to ask you about your account ID and clearly and concisely specifying your problem! If you want to scream you can do it without upper case letters! Send a long, precise, and detailed message to the support agent and he will have to read it all (sounds like a punishment, right?). Didn’t get a good response? Send it again but via live chat, nothing happened either? So we have to implement plan B.


Destroy the Reputation of the Casino!

Online casinos are can’t use mass media or social media methods to promote themselves exactly like tobacco companies. So, they spend a lot of money and wait for many years to build a good reputation. However, all this could fall apart in an instant because of bad comments on a criticism platform like AskGamblers! These platforms will always be at your disposal to expose any unsolved disputes.

However, they scrutinize the users’ comments accurately. So, always keep screenshots attach to your complaint. Also, don’t forget to imbed your account ID before explaining the complaint. This may help the support employee who may want to help you after you have escalated the issue! If this does not happen, do not be upset; the casino lost all potential players who read your complaint!

Also, it is worth noting that AskGamblers acts as a real mediator between the players and the casinos in question. So far it has helped more than 12,396 players. It takes complaints from players from all over the world and from thousands of online casinos.


All in all, you should look at the general conditions of the casino or carefully to avoid any later problems. Also, it is advisable to address the support service in the casino with which you have a dispute. Then you can make a complaint and ask to be processed by the casino management. If nothing works, you can submit a complaint to AskGamblers.


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