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Deathero by one person indie studio Savage Studios from USA has won the Fan Favorite Weekly Vote round 12 in the Game Development World Championship 2021 (GDWC).

“Deat(H)eroes! Enter a dungeon where you are a lone wizard or mage! Fight through endless waves of enemies leveling up and using spells you learn to destroy your opponents. Level up awesome equipment and fight like your undead life depends on it, as the enemies keep on coming!” Deathero is available for mobile devices on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Savage Studios enters the Final Fan Favorite voting round at the end of GDWC 2021 to compete for the Category Victory and Prizes.

2nd place: Shadow Dreams by Khosouf Studio from UAE. The game is a magic-based first person shooter where player explores a world of psychological issues.

3rd place: Animals vs Zombies by Noob Monkey studio from Egypt. The game is a modern remake of a famous arcade game where player moves around a field populated by a number of zombies and viruses and limits their movement.

Big congrats to the winners in and thanks to all nominees & voters from the GDWC Team. The GDWC 2021 Fan Favorite category Winner is decided in a series of pre-qualifying votes leading to the Final Vote. Each week nine games are up for a vote and battling for the place in the finals. The latest vote can be found at

You can check out the Fan Favorite Round 13 Nominees here:

GDWC 2021 Fan Favorite Vote 13 Nominees are:
– Battle Blocks by NERI R&D (Russia)
– Crazy Pirate Kaboom by Coded Fun Games (Netherlands)
– DELIVERY FOR DR SHTRAUS by itfunkylab (Russia)
– Laser Cup by Dreamlabs (Austria)
– Metacell: Genesis ARCADE by Team Metacell (USA)
– Phantom Beasts – Redemption by Ready Steady Games (Israel)
– Podcast Tycoon by BeriloStudios (Brazil)
– Queen Amina by Tobias Ighofose (United Kingdom)
– Watch Your Ride by Tiny Magicians (Lithuania)