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With the Integrated Resorts (IR) to receive approval just a few months from now, the governments all around the country of Japan are positioning themselves to get their own. In view of this, a committee of prefectural experts of Aichi recommended the governor Hideaki Omura source bids to build the region’s own IR on Chubu Airport Island in Tokoname city.

The committee came to a conclusion in one accord after months of debates, as governor Omura had established back in August the need to find a location for a potential IR.

The committee chair Tatsuaki Kuroda said as they expect the IR will boost the region’s international competitiveness:“We need a variety of entertainment facilities, and it is important to transmit Aichi’s state-of-the-art technology to the world,”

The IR Implementation Bill is yet to be passed and governor Omura is yet to make a public statement regarding his own position on the IR development. However, it is expected that, as promptly as the bill gets acceded, he will make a commitment and most likely voice his proposal for an IR bid.

Source: European Gaming Media and Events