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Chilli Games: New Game Provider




Chilli Games is a spicy new addition to the market of gambling providers. It is certified by international laboratories and has all the appropriate certificates. The provider has also undergone additional certifications to operate in Romania and Croatia. In Ukraine, it will work via its international certification.

The company’s portfolio boasts 20 certified games with 9 unique mathematical. The games were developed taking into account responsible gaming rules and effective legislation.

The provider’s goal is to create world-class products and premium games that can successfully compete on the international market. All Chilli Games games are multi-reel slots in a variety of themes so that every player can find an interesting game to play. Chilli Games offers:

  1. Book of Sam
  2. Book of Life
  3. Forest Story
  4. Koala Sam
  5. Cabaret Wild
  6. Close Combat
  7. Viruslot
  8. Crazy Box
  9. Aztec Warriors
  10. Yummy Yumm
  11. The Great Pearl Deluxe
  12. Crazy Hot 20
  13. Fruit Deluxe
  14. Steam Machines
  15. Valhalla
  16. Mighty Sailor
  17. Witch House
  18. Catch a Melon
  19. Fruit Magic
  20. Crazy Hot

They are as easy to play as any other slot machine. The player presses the “play” button and the drums start to rotate vertically. To build a winning cluster, you need three or more matching symbols, which must be connected to each other in one combination. If successful, the player takes the winnings. If the attempt is unsuccessful, the bet counts as a pay in the game for the chance to win.

Using proven and successful gameplay elements, Chilli Games targets fans of free spins and high volatility games. Chilli Games slots use 9 unique mathematics:

  • 10 lines with a 15 free spins bonus game.
  • 20 lines with a 15 free spins bonus game.
  • 10 lines with a 15 free spins bonus game and wild characters that cover the entire reel when the winning combination occurs.
  • 10 lines with a 10 free spins bonus game and a choice of random symbols that will cover the entire reel when the winning combination occurs.
  • 30 lines with a 15 free spins bonus game and a progressive multiplier for winnings.
  • 20 lines with one of 7 random bonus games:
    • progressive multiplier;
    • only high symbols in the bonus game;
    • 15 free spins x2;
    • 10 free spins x3;
    • re-spins.
  • 3×3 slot and 5 lines.
  • 20 lines with a random bonus game:
    • 15 free spins x2;
    • 10 free spins x3.

Chilli Games’ players are already enjoying cutting-edge games with the latest technology and localized content turned success thanks to quality product personalization and adaptation. All of its games comply with the world’s slot certification standards: they are a based on a random number generator with the independence of its mathematical calculations supported by the appropriate certification.

“We continue to develop and enter new markets with the most reputable casino operators. We provide great content with the best experience for players in the regulated online casino sector with attractive mathematical balancing and unique promotional tool mechanics,” as the project team said.

Chilli Games are known as a forward-thinking online gaming provider. Its products offer a unique iGaming experience that entertains and engages players with its content, prizes and ease of use. The provider offers a wide variety of slots for all tastes, an easy and intuitive game interface in both web and mobile versions, multicurrency (all currencies can be used to play), regular updates and tech support.


Wamba Technologies Announces Gamers Oasis: A Patented eSports Platform with In-Game Wagering



wamba-technologies-announces-gamers-oasis: a-patented-esports-platform-with-in-game-wagering


This patented technology eliminates the need for gamers to travel for competitions, allowing them to play tournaments from anywhere on their mobile devices and win real money

Wamba Technologies today announces plans to develop a proprietary eSports wagering platform, Gamers Oasis, which allows video gamers to enter a tournament on their mobile devices for a fee and compete against other players in real-time to win real money.

The acceptance and settlement of wagers on mobile video games is at the heart of Wamba Technologies’ product and its exclusively holds the patent. In the United States, Wamba Technologies owns the technology for any wagering system that is connected to a skill-based and physics-based game where the wagering system and game are communicating with each other in real-time. Applying to ‘physics-based and skill-based games’, this includes sports games, racing games, first-person shooters, fighting games and more, just to name a few. The key feature of these games is that there is no chance involved. Therefore, in the absence of chance, these are not classified as gambling games but, rather, skill-based sporting events.

“If a video game player wants to compete against other players to win money, whether it be heads-up one-on-one or in a multi-person tournament, they usually have to travel to an arena or a venue to compete,” the founder and Chief Executive Officer for Wamba Technologies, Gary Denham (pictured), said. “This means that many people can’t participate due to travel costs or lack of accessibility. Gamers Oasis will allow everyone to compete for real money directly from their phones without needing to travel. We proudly own the patent on the only technology that can make that happen. Summed up, with our patent, we own online eSports.”


Online real-money competition (online eSports) is still in its infancy but Wamba Technologies is currently engaging with gamers, game designers, coders, programmers, eSports influencers and financial consultants to aid in the development of Gamers Oasis.

In the United States alone, 215 million people play mobile video games and globally over 500 million people compete in video games for real money. Of these 500 million people worldwide, only a very small percentage are competing online for money while the rest of the players are competing in person at physical locations. Wamba Technologies anticipates that when offered and monetized properly, a mere 10% of the global market share could generate $13 billion to $15 billion in annual revenues from tournament buy-ins and ad revenues.

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Nordcurrent turns players into fashion designers with UGC marketplace



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Developer and publisher Nordcurrent has released a revolutionary update to its leading mobile fashion game, Pocket Styler, with the launch of a new creator platform, Pocket Styler Studio. The digital platform allows players to work like real-life fashion designers to create clothing, shoes and accessories to their exact specifications. Once finished, digital designers can market their creations under their own ‘designer label’ name and sell them in-game to millions of Pocket Styler’s players in return for in-game currency, which has never been possible in a mobile fashion game before.

The gaming skins market is a multi-billion dollar industry, with almost 50% of players buying skins with in-game currency and around 40% buying skins with real money, according to Newzoo. But, conceptualising, drawing and polishing collections takes time, and even with Nordcurrent artists supplying over 100 items every couple of weeks, Pocket Styler players still had a thirst for more items inspired by current fashion, movies, and celebrity looks, thus limiting the time players were spending in the game and subsequently Nordcurrent’s revenue.

The integration of user-generated content into Pocket Styler has revolutionized the in-game design process. It has provided players with a wider range of options to choose from while also allowing them to earn in-game currency. This feature has also addressed the creative burden faced by game artists and developers who previously struggled to keep up with the demand for fresh content. Designers now upload over 2,000 original items into the game every day, adding nearly 300 times more content than before the launch of Pocket Styler Studio.


Victoria Trofimova, CEO of Nordcurrent, said: “‘With over 100,000 daily active users, Pocket Styler is one of the world’s most popular fashion games, and now one of the most advanced thanks to the introduction of Pocket Styler Studio. It provides a platform for creators to become professional digital fashion designers who can build their brands and promote their designs globally.

“By empowering players and letting them design and sell their clothing, we hope to inspire the next generation of fashion designers while supporting them as active contributors to the game they love, helping us form a community of designers who play a genuine part in making the game even better.“

Pocket Styler Studio has been in beta since February. Currently, over 1,000 designers are creating items for the game, and another 5,000 designers are expected to upload daily in the first year of launch, creating trillions of outfit combinations and millions of new looks submitted weekly. Nordcurrent is also testing the option of designers earning real currency from their designs in the future.

Designs are saved into a designer’s profile until they are ready to be marketed. Once on sale, individual designers can track their brands’ success by ‘Publishing’ items and assessing how many sell. Players can choose a name for their designer label and earn ‘Gems’, the in-game currency, for every item sold to other players. Pocket Styler Studio is available globally; players must have Pocket Styler installed on their phones and have a free Nordcurrent ID to use Pocket Styler Studio, which can be accessed through a browser.

Launched in May 2021, Pocket Styler is based on attending different in-game events, creating looks based on the criteria of the events, submitting those looks, getting scores, and competing with other players to become “trendsetters” and climbing on top of the leaderboard. The game has 21 million downloads, with 100,000 players spending 10,000 hours on the app and giving 10 million votes to outfits daily.

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Latest News

UltraPlay at SiGMA Europe Summit, Malta 2023



Reading Time: 2 minutes


In November 2023, UltraPlay exhibited at the SiGMA Europe Summit in Malta. This three-day event served as the grand finale to our bustling year, providing a strategic platform where we diligently worked on strengthening existing partnerships and exploring collaborative opportunities with esteemed industry colleagues.

Aside from the regular hustle and bustle, we also had the chance to participate in a panel discussion organized by SiGMA. The topic was “The Gambler’s Journey: Balancing Entertainment And Addiction” where our CEO, Mario Ovcharov shared his insights on responsible gambling and what operators can do to ensure it.

At the heart of our engagement was a carefully crafted stand that stood as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Our participation in this summit was not merely about showcasing products and services; it was a reaffirmation of the relationships we’ve built and the collaborative spirit that defines the iGaming landscape. We express our gratitude to everyone who visited our stand, engaged in meaningful conversations, and contributed to the success of this event.


UltraPlay is a multi-awarded betting provider part of ODDS Group, offering a wide range of iGaming solutions. Whether you’re looking for implementations such as a Sports and eSports solution or on the search of a platform provider, we are your best bet. As the culmination of our year, SiGMA Europe Summit was a long awaited event for which we thoroughly prepared. It was an anticipated opportunity to once again position UltraPlay as a leading company in the lively gambling industry.

Beyond the summit’s walls, we immersed ourselves in the captivating charm of Malta. The city provided more than just a backdrop; it offered a vibrant atmosphere that resonated with the energy of the iGaming community. Every moment spent in Malta, from forging partnerships to exploring new opportunities, was a meaningful investment in the future of UltraPlay.

SiGMA Europe Summit in Malta is a pivotal event for the iGaming industry and UltraPlay is sure to never miss out on it. As we turn the page on this year, it becomes a stepping stone, propelling us into 2024 with anticipation and excitement. We are confident to embark on new ventures, explore fresh collaborations, and continue our legacy of innovation in the ever-evolving world of iGaming.

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