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Casino Guru has launched a complaint resolution center in August 2019. This allows casino players to submit public complaints about online casinos and get assisted by the Casino Guru team that investigates the situation and tries to make things right.

Since then, they have been helping an ever-increasing number of players, and the end of 2020 saw the number of resolved complaints in the Casino Guru system surpass a milestone of 1000 – a great feat displaying the impact of conflict mediation on the industry.

There are thousands of online casinos operating across the world, and not all of them behave in accordance with what most players and experts would consider ‘fair play.’ Some of them are outright malicious, whereas even very good casino websites sometimes mistreat a player, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Being able to submit a public complaint and get assisted by experts that know how the industry operates and what to do, is a great feature that is available on Casino Guru, as well as other casino-related websites, alternative dispute mediation services, and directly via regulators and licensing authorities.

Matej Novota, the head of Casino Guru’s Data and Complaint team, is delighted to see his team making a difference. “There are currently 8 people in our team helping players with their casino-related complaints. It takes quite a lot of work to assist hundreds of players each month, to investigate the situation, find out what really happened and how the situation should be handled fairly, and then try to get the casino to make things right. That said, it gives us an opportunity to help players directly and perhaps even change the entire industry for the better, which definitely makes it all worth the countless hours we put in.”

According to Matej, most common complaints about online casinos are related to these areas:

  • Rejected bonus payouts because of breached bonus terms
  • Delayed withdrawals or other withdrawal-related issues
  • Issues with KYC verification or blocked accounts
  • Player fraud accusations
  • Issues related to self-exclusion and other responsible gambling tools

He also added that the number of resolved complaints does not tell the entire story. “We surpassed the number of 500 complaints per month in December for the first time. Most of those get rejected because players stop communicating or because the casino actually hasn’t done anything that can be considered unfair. As for the remaining, justified complaints, we do our best to get them resolved, but this is not always possible, as not all casinos cooperate and are willing to adhere to our relatively strict idea of what is fair and what isn’t.”

Regarding the recent milestone, Matej commented: “The counter of successfully resolved complaints is over 1000 now and we are happy to have passed this milestone, but I also have to add that some of these complaints would get resolved even without our direct help. Sometimes, the player’s issue sorts itself out without our assistance. And sometimes, we don’t need to intervene, as simply the fact that the player has complained publicly – which can potentially hurt the casino’s reputation – can help the casino change their mind and make things right by themselves. But some cases are extremely complex and require a lot of analytical thinking and time to find out what happened and make things right, and it’s these cases that are the most rewarding to get resolved. Really makes it all worth it!”

Arguably, it would be even better if all things worked in a way that players wouldn’t have to complain at all, but that isn’t likely to happen any time soon. That’s why it’s good that websites like Casino Guru assist players with their issues, and, to make things even better, do it absolutely for free.