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Casexe at ICE2017 Casexe at ICE2017


CASEXE reviews the results of ICE 2017



The company CASEXE took part in ICE Totally Gaming 2017, an international exhibition held in London on February 7-9. You may see photos on the official website. During three days of ICE Totally Gaming, CASEXE managed to hold around 150 business meetings, conclude a couple of contracts and negotiate further partnership deals. Looking back at the results of the said event, the company has enlarged its list of media partners and estimates its general performance at ICE as highly beneficial.

CASEXE succeeded in holding 20 appointed meetings, resulting in three deals for online casino development. In order to carry out the process of optimization that would unite all regions of CASEXE operation under a single payment system, its specialists negotiated several partnerships with representatives of 20 payment systems.

At ICE 2017 CASEXE’s team had an opportunity to meet its long-standing partners and renowned gaming content providers, such as Betsoft, Endorphina, Amatic, Tom Horn, etc. During these meetings, colleagues discussed various strategies of further partnership, as well as analyzed contracts with potential satellite partners like Play’N Go, Genii, Yggdrasil, Evolution Gaming, etc.

The said exhibition turned out to be beneficial in terms of conducting negotiations with some of the betting software providers. The specialists outlined a couple of new betting projects based on CASEXE platforms to be launched during 2017.

Promotion and development of affiliate programs with the purpose of their further improvement and optimization appears to be one of the most important tasks of the company. For this very reason, CASEXE’s team met such operators as PartnerMatrix and NetRefer in order to estimate the potential possibilities of integration of individual affiliate programs into the platform, as well as to boost general functionality of already existing affiliate programs.

This international exhibition gave CASEXE the possibility to study trends and tendencies of the current online gambling market. The participants of ICE Totally Gaming took note of such modern trends as VR/AR technologies in casinos. It is necessary to mention that some of the products of this kind were exhibited at ICE. Moreover, VR/AR matters were extensively raised in speakers’ presentations at ICE VOX.

CASEXE’s team is looking forward to improving and promoting its VR/AR projects in order to strengthen its positions on the market by presenting itself as a truly groundbreaking company.

Note, please: ICE Totally Gaming 2017 was held in London and hosted at ExCel expo center with a total area of 40 925 m2, kindly provided by Clarion Events. The venue called upon 577 representatives of regulatory authorities, 51 managers of international trading organizations and public authorities.


CASEXE public message to the future online casino operators



CASEXE public massage

While creating an online casino there are a number of solutions affecting the whole process and the final outcome. Far too often, future operators are not enough experienced, that is why it is necessary to edit the process of project’s establishment. While making such allowances we are reaching the understanding of the wrong desired goal. All these aspects directly affect the timing and quality of the final project.

In order to help operators avoiding the mistakes, slowing down and complicating the entire process of casino development, the CASEXE team decided to give a couple of tips to their future customers.

The project management team of the CASEXE company:

In our business we often encounter the fact that operators do not have a clear understanding of the outcome they want to benefit from partnership with our company. As a consequence, the project’s timing and its final form are exceeded. Therefore, we have identified a critical need to share the experience with our future operators, which will help us to be much more successful and effective together.

1.) Target audience and region. These key factors will further influence the concept and content of the project. Operator must clearly know and understand his audience and the operating area. As practice shows, it is inefficient and very resource intensive to target the project all over the world. Remember, people from different countries speak different languages, play alternative games, prefer other types of bonuses and promotions, use some other payment methods, have specific visual and mental needs, so that it will be difficult to win everybody’s favor. Therefore, you should divide and direct your resources rationally.

2.) Website’s structure. Every single successful operator should understand and be able to properly describe the structure of his future online casino site. For us, as developers, it is important to know the site composition – sections, subsections, and pages it will consist of. In addition, there must be an understanding of what will be displayed on the certain pages. Naturally, we can simply offer operators a template structure, but for CASEXE it is important to make a client’s project successful, so that we advocate for an individual prototyping. The structure must necessarily be agreed upon at the start of cooperation.

3.) Project’s functionality. If you are familiar with your audience, target region, website structure, then it will be easy to determine your goal. To do this, it is enough to understand what content will be on each page of the site, and how it should work. On this basis, the future functionality of the project will be clear. Being unique it should also correspond to the platform capabilities due to the certain criteria.

4.) Casino website content – games, payment systems, etc. Before starting a project, the list of game developers and payment systems used in the casino must be clearly defined. If some additional third-party software is connected, it is important to be familiar with the product – features of affiliate programs, online chat rooms, etc. Without this data, it will be impossible to design the project properly.

5.) Design. If all the previous items are detailed, and the information is reinforced by strong brand management and the development of the project concept, the design means just a formality. Having all the incoming data, designers perform their work many times faster and better. And, of course, it is important to provide all the nuances which operators sometimes forget about – multicurrency, multilanguage, social networks integration, types of registration, etc. For example, the intention of adding one more currency to the project means that the whole process begins from the starting point, and deadlines are automatically extended for a few weeks, because with just one currency integration you will need to redesign dozens of forms.

Having all 5 tips above considered, you would prevent the unfulfilling result, save your time, and speed up the process of creating your online casino project.

Sincerely yours, the CASEXE team.”

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CASEXE’s СЕО to speak at Georgia Gaming Congress



Ivan Kondilenko

The CEO of the company CASEXE Ivan Kondilenko has been appointed as a speaker at Georgia Gaming Congress scheduled for March 1 in Tbilisi. The said expert will present a review of current VR/AR casinos and tell more about principles of development, elaboration and implementation of such projects.

Kondilenko will focus on advantages of VR/AR casinos for operators and gamblers, types of tools necessary for elaboration of these projects, as well as time-frames of VR/AR casino accomplishment and launch. Additionally, the speaker is going to dwell upon various stages of VR/AR project development and the most important tasks to be completed at each separate stage.

After giving his presentation, the speaker will interact with the audience having an open dialogue with those present at the event. Among the main topics to be discussed, one may find methods of VR technology implementation at a global scale, at workplace, while having a vacation or a business trip.

In terms of Georgia Gaming Congress 2017, Ivan Kondilenko is ready to have a personal interview with anyone willing to get the answers to the remaining questions. You can schedule an appointment with this expert on the official page of CASEXE by clicking the corresponding button.

We remind that Georgia Gaming Congress is dedicated to current development and tendencies in such sectors of the gambling industry as land-based and online casinos, betting business, cyber sports and fantasy sports. Additionally, the experts will discuss general potential and importance of the Blockchain technology and its byproduct – Bitcoin, for the iGaming industry.

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