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In the near future, humanity was decimated by its destructive nature, and only few species or those who managed to hide below the surface survived.

With such a short description, Game Island studio announces their next game title in the survival genre.

What can we expect?
This time we can get ready for a real feast for fans of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.’s climate (fans of the Fallout series should also have nothing to complain about). The world of people was destroyed by their greed, exhausting the earth’s resources. Mother Earth repaid us with contamination, diseases and conditions in which only a few species of animals survived and – worst of all – evolved into even wilder and bloodthirsty versions. Staying outside the bunker is possible for a limited time only, thanks to post-apocalyptic technology created from the remnants of the old world.
Bunker Survival will combine characteristic mechanics of survival games, shooters, and RPGs and we will even find something for fans of builders type games. In addition to improving equipment, players will be able to expand their shelters by adding more crafting stations or change their bunkers to a larger ones, which will give more possibilities.

“In our new game, we want to give our players a combination of a dynamic gameplay mode outside the bunker, where we will have a limited amount of time to collect necessary materials, medicines, construction elements or food AND a slightly static gameplay, consisting of expanding our headquarters and craft necessary machines or weapons to survive” – Michal Ojrzynski | CEO Game Island

There is no place like… bunker

In the Outworld we will have to face (apart from radiation) our enemies: mutated animals, other survivors and mother nature, who wants to cleanse herself of the human plague. Players will also have to remember to nourish and hydrate, which will be equal to subsequent trips deeper and deeper into the contaminated land.

In the bunker, of course, they will have the opportunity to build a special table for the recovery and processing of irradiated food, and we will be able to put a water filter that will save valuable time. In our base there will also be a special place for strengthening our character and modifying weapons and equipment – which will be necessary when visiting some zones and dangerous areas.

“We want to provide hours of gameplay for everyone. The player will be able to choose whether he wants to explore and venture into undiscovered areas, or to calmly develop his shelter and build his strength”  – Michal Ojrzynski | CEO Game Island

This is how another game title from Game Island studio will look like. We are waiting impatiently for results and progress of their work! Game Island will keep players informed about the progress and news that will appear in the game, so it’s worth following their latest title on Steam and social media. Stay tuned.