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BtoBet has teamed up with Imprexis Gaming to launch free-to-play promotions in the build-up to the much-awaited Euro and Copa America tournaments.

The proposed free-to-play portfolio, covering both tournaments, provides operators with the ideal opportunity to attract new players, whilst retaining their loyal fold of customers.

“Free-to-play games allow operators to find a more reasonable acquisition cost per player. Nowadays many operators allocate vast budgets in promotional play and bonuses, with the CPA per player reaching prohibitive levels. On the other hand free-to-play options not only offer bookmakers with a highly customizable tool in terms of content and localization, but can simultaneously yield a much lower CPA,” Sabrina Soldà, Chief Marketing Officer of BtoBet, said.

“Following a disruptive year for all live sporting events, bookmakers are keen to make up for lost ground and should be maximising the potential of these major sporting events. Free-to-play games are nowadays key to acquiring new customers. Even players who do not usually follow and are not enticed by sports can be convince to engage in new verticals,” Danny Thomas, Founder of Imprexis Gaming, said.