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BETEGY kicks off 2023 with latest innovation - Creative Studio
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Winner of EGR and SBC Awards for innovation to showcase latest industry gamechanger at ICE

 BETEGY, the award-winning marketing technology provider, has launched Creative Studio, the latest advanced element to its innovative platform, which it will be demonstrating at ICE London 2023.

Targeted at betting, iGaming and sports media verticals, the latest addition to BETEGY’s award-winning platform enables industry professionals to dramatically increase marketing Click Through Rates (CTR) by providing data-driven, fully personalised scalable banner campaigns and video ads.

Creative Studio enables the creation of up to 1000+ ad static and animated creatives from images imported from Figma or Photoshop without coding. It identifies dynamic fields of the ad, automatically feeding all campaign elements with dynamic data, including odds, sports stats and key info.

This drastically raises engagement on the ad campaigns and ensures the audience is provided with a constant incentive to bet, all segmented to unique audiences and demographics, ensuring the most efficient, targeted digital campaigns available on the market.

Once the ad assets have been scaled, the BETEGY platform automatically exports the finalised images to ad platforms (DSP programmatic platforms, affiliate networks, direct media outlets, etc.) through an AWS-powered ad server which is designed to handle high-traffic volumes.

Delivering a truly efficient return on investment for betting, casino and sports media, the enhanced BETEGY platform also includes a built-in analytics suite to track the success of campaigns and reach target KPIs.

To deliver to a global audience, BETEGY also offers multiple unique features including language localisation and geo-compliance, ensuring all content is aligned with local jurisdictions’ laws and regulations, all while being deployed from one centralised source.

Compared to other leading banner systems in a closed experiment, BETEGY’s unique technology has increased marketing viewability by 16% and CTR by over 20%, resulting in a record-breaking increase in view-through conversions, making it a truly unique product launched to the market.

Commenting on the launch of the Creative Studio, Alex Kornilov, CEO at BETEGY, said: “We’re all about game-changing technology at BETEGY. Creative Studio will take industry campaigns to the next level, ensuring any marketing department which deploys our platform will have a true edge over the market.

“With just a few clicks, campaigns are tailored to reach a personalised and segmented set of demographics – this can be everything from viewers’ preferred sports teams to adjusting to any fixture or sporting schedule throughout the calendar year.”

Eugenie Golovina, CMO at BETEGY, added: “ICE is one of biggest expos in the global gaming calendar, and attendees will get a first-hand look at what our game-changing Creative Studio can achieve for them, as well as disrupt their marketing routine in hitting the highest KPIs.”