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Bet2Bank, a blockchain-based project, has launched a unique betting experience that incorporates traditional fixed odds sports bets, a peer-to-peer custom betting dapp and staking pools. The platform aims to solve the critical shortcomings of traditional centralised betting platforms such as lack of transparency, security and high fees. Bet2Bank operates on a three-tier system, where users can gain access to various features by holding specific quantities of BXB tokens.

Bet2Bank facilitates its users with Betting-as-a-Service (BaaS) where a custom TG bot is connected to a smart contract that works with another bot to place low-risk sports bets automatically based on preset parameters and collected data. Users can deposit USDC, give the bot a command and it will return their USDC along with any profits. The P2P Custom Betting feature allows holders to create their own custom trades and play with other members to actively trade against them, enabling a wide range of gaming options and the ability to customise games to fit specific needs and market demands. Funds are held in escrow until the outcome of the event has been decided.

Moreover, BXB is a progressive ERC-20 blockchain based Web3 project that seeks to maximise the potential that DeFi and Web3 offer to the world of finance. The platform operates on a three-tier system, which requires users to hold specific quantities of BXB tokens to gain access to the various features available within the BXB/USDC ecosystem. The platform offers USDC reflections to all holders, enabling them to receive dividends in the form of free USDC by simply holding BXB.