The AskGamblers team has reached another important milestone by having returned over $10,000,000 of unfairly confiscated or declined money to their players through their Casino Complaint Service.

The latest milestone in the history of AskGamblers has just been hit and surpassed. Namely, the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service has so far returned over $10,000,000 of delayed and unfairly declined or impounded money to their players. For the sake of comparison, just at the beginning of 2017 the total amount of recovered money equaled $8.8 million.

Ever since the Casino Complaint Service was launched in 2009 with the aim of aiding wronged players recover their confiscated cash, its popularity has been growing steadily. Today, the AskGamblers customer support team has successfully helped nearly 6,000 players recover their money through the Complaint Service and the number is only expected to continue to increase.

As the service acts as an impartial mediator between the player and the casino, players are strongly advised to make use of the system should they run into an issue with a casino brand. If you are interested in submitting your own casino complaint, make sure you consult the Complaint Guidelines first and provide as many details regarding the issue as possible. Our customer support team will review your submission and ensure to remain impartial, transparent and fair at all times.


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AskGamblers, officially the Best Casino Website in 2016, provides the most trusted, unbiased casino, slot, and bonus reviews. It also features real player opinions and ratings highly valuable in the community. Thanks to its unique Casino Complaint Service over $10 million has been returned to players so far. Get the truth, then play!

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