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With online casinos growing in demand and popularity, becoming an acceptable alternative to physical outlets, many are starting to place them under the universal banner of online video gaming. However, is this the right way to categorize them? The answer might be something that ends up being subjective, but understanding how it might or might not fall within those boundaries could help you to gauge your own opinion of it better and even get you into this form of entertainment.

Of course, those who are already interested in playing at regular online casinos and other outlets might rather that they remain distinct from video gaming. They don’t want to confuse what makes it uniquely appealing to some.

How Do You Define a Game?

Ultimately, some people will look at this debate and feel like the presence of online casinos (and the games they contain) on the smartphone, a gaming platform, will immediately classify them as games. After all, the definition of a game is an activity that a person can engage in and have fun. Casinos definitely come under this description, as these have activities that offer a lot of fun. When you break down the definition of a video game, it is an interactive game simply operated using a computer system, so you can argue that online casinos are a form of video gaming – they are interactive and operated using computers.

However, it’s a question that different people have ventured their own explanations of over the years.

Genres and Platforms Crossover

There are so many genres, modes, and gaming platforms, and this deepens further when you experiment with crossovers. Taking aspects of video games and utilizing them in online casinos provides a unique game; you don’t just have a standard slot game anymore. Now you have a slot game with a story. The inclusion of aspects like a story in some slot games creates a more engaging experience, makes it different from previous gaming, and provides more entertainment. The beauty of taking video game elements is that they can create a wide variety of unique online casino games.

In fact, this variety itself might be something that draws you towards online casinos in the first place, though finding an outlet that best suits you might be what holds you back. If that’s the case, offers an excellent range of popular free online slot games that can help you to get started.

The Monetization Aspect

To some, what might make casino games stand apart is the gambling aspect or the general inclusion of monetization in the gameplay loop. This might not exclude them from video games as much as you think, however. Loot boxes and microtransactions have long been a controversial aspect of modern gaming, with the former even being banned or regulated in some countries in Europe.

Furthermore, when it comes to microtransactions, the mobile games industry is one that is renowned for its inclusion, and this is the same platform that online casinos would usually find themselves on. As a result, the line between them might be blurred further.