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AppGallery gamers can now join the fray in Shadow Fight Arena, as the latest installment from Nekki’s Shadow Fight series joins Shadow Fight Arena 2 and 3 on AppGallery. 

In a secretive world on the brink of war, players must fight to become the most formidable warrior to walk the land, assembling three-player teams to challenge foes and defeat opponents in multiplayer battles. Famous for its realistic 3D graphics and console-level battle experience, Shadow Fight Arena invites players to explore the mysterious ninja realm and battle their way through different teams. Now available on AppGallery, gamers can choose heroes to control, with abilities that can be upgraded as they progress to counteract enemy tactics and claim victory.  

As part of the partnership, and in celebration of Shadow Fight Arena’s launch on AppGallery, players can claim exclusive access to one of the games rarest characters – the fun-loving yet formidable ‘Monkey King’ who wields his size-changing staff with skill and temerity. With a total value of USD100, the acclaimed Monkey King is well-known among Shadow Fight Arena fans for its impressive attack moves. With that, AppGallery gamers can now take an immediate head-start in their quest to battle. 

“We are pleased to introduce the intriguing universe of Shadow Fight Arena to AppGallery users.” said Nikita Korzhavin, Business Development Director at Nekki. “The Shadow Fight games series has been very well-received so far, and we’re excited for gamers worldwide to experience the heat of battle with our newest offering in partnership with Huawei.” 


Huawei Offers Technology Support to Partners 

As the third largest global app marketplace with over 550 million monthly active users across more than 170 countries, developers can harness Huawei’s unique HMS Core capabilities during the run-up to app launch. Shadow Fight Arena demonstrates how a game can enhance its user experience beyond standard gameplay, integrating with Huawei’s IAP Kit to provide a seamless in-game payment experience.  

“Sharing this journey with Huawei has been rewarding for our team here at Nekki.” commented  Nikita Korzhavin, Business Development Director at Nekki. “With the successful integration of Huawei’s HMS Core Kits, we can provide higher quality graphics to our users and bring to life the intricate landscape that fans of the game know and love.”   

Shadow Fight Arena has seen great success so far. Lauded as the Best Mobile Game of 2020 at the DevGAMM Awards, the number of Shadow Fight Arena players has passed 10 million as of July 2021. Shadow Fight Arena holds the double honour of being a finalist for Best Audio/Visual Accomplishment in Pocket Gamer’s Mobile Games Awards 2021, and a finalist for Pocket Gamer’s Game of the Year in 2021. Nekki’s partnership with AppGallery reflects a desire to expand to larger audiences and is a sign of greater milestones to come.