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Quanta is pleased to announce the launch of the Quanta Pay payment gateway.

Quanta Pay’s Transparent Payment Gateway service works with both public and private blockchains. Users can send and receive Ethereum, Bitcoin, QNTX* and ERC20 tokens by using Quanta Pay all whilst keeping 100% control of their private keys. All transactions are logged for complete transparency. Simple installation, no registration and protected by a PIN, with Quanta Pay you only need to sign in once to access all Quanta-built and integrated 3rd party products and services.

Quanta Pay is safe and secure as it is protected with a 5-digit pin with encrypted private keys backed up with a 12-word passphrase. Interaction between Quanta Pay and integrated products and services is as fast as the blockchain can be.

Quanta is committed to the continued development of Quanta Pay with plans to incorporate even more features and functionality as well as to leverage the potential of the rest of Quanta’s product ecosystem, particularly the new QNTX token scheduled for release later this year.

Currently, Quanta Pay is available to the general public on the Google Play store (Android) and it can be downloaded using the following link. Download Quanta Pay

For QNTU holders that are swapping and staking into new QNTX tokens, please download Quanta Pay (Android-only version now with iOS version released this summer) and wait for instructions on how to get the new QNTX tokens in July/August 2020 (subject to Know Your Client (KYC) requirements). Stay connected as more information will follow in the coming few months.

To learn more about Quanta Pay, please visit