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An Open Response to Mattha Busby & The Guardian

The following response is written by Darren Moore @ Betting Gods in response to this piece posted in The Guardian on 1st September.

Let’s begin with the obvious; this is a terrible piece of journalism. It doesn’t represent what a good tipster site does, and it doesn’t understand even the basics of how tipsters operate.

Our message to you, Mattha Busby, is that we don’t hold it against you. We understand it can be difficult to understand a service that genuinely wants to make people money. We understand why you would assume there’s an underhand plot to rip people off.

What you need to understand is that you’re wrong. Please, come to Malta, we’ll introduce you to some people that actually understand the industry. Or at the very least, take up our offer of a complimentary membership of so you can see the potential of a truly professional tipster site.

While you’re considering our offer, we have a few comments to make about your article.

1. “Operators have a vested interest in seeing their tips lose because they take up to a 30% cut of the losses their followers make to bookmakers.”

We feel like this is an over-generalised argument that doesn’t get the way the industry works. On the surface, it does sound like it might work for tipster sites to deliberately post losing tips to earn 30% of the losing bet. But how is that a sustainable business model? It would very, very quickly ruin their whole premise of the tipster’s business.

Successful tipster sites actually make money by collecting subscription fees from satisfied customers. If the tips they give are regularly losers, then why would anyone continue to subscribe? The argument that tipsters are in cahoots with bookmakers suggests they’ll spend time and energy on building up a following before quickly doing them a disservice. It makes no sense and shows the little to no research behind the article.

2. “Such tipsters, who work from home, frequently recommend accumulator bets that experts say represent bad value.”

First, we would argue about the suggestion that accumulators are aggressively pushed on the customer. Betting Gods, as one good example of how tipsters usually operate, regularly promotes a number of different wager options. The important thing is that we suggest contenders with a good chance of taking the glory and we’ll always look for the best option to make you a profit.

That said, we may sometimes suggest an accumulator as they can be a great option for a big win. Especially as you only need a low stake to set you up. Working out the odds and relationships between the different bets requires a keen nose – the knowledge of an excellent tipster can be invaluable.

3. There are “grave concerns about terms which appear to bamboozle rather than help customers make informed choices”.

One of the worst parts of this barely researched article is that it reduces the average person following a tipster page to an idiot that blindly follows the tipster’s opinion. At the end of the day, the page’s followers are gambling their own money and are usually educated about the odds and risk they’re taking on.

In practice, tipster sites are run on either community-driven tips (given by users to other users) or suggested tips that no one forces anyone to follow. The suggestions made are great for research, or a starting point for further research, but they are neither presented, nor expected to be, guaranteed, sure-fire winners. Sports are a dynamic and unpredictable arena, and while a great tipster calls on every reserve of information, skill and ideas at their disposal – no one can read the future.

A good tipster is a guide, a source of information, a friend in the know. But just like every other aspect of modern life, personal decisions and judgement are vital in your own success. It’s a shame that Guardian journalist Mattha Busby didn’t have the personal judgement to look into the industry he chose to so poorly take down.

Mattha, if you’re reading, the invitation stands. Take the time to see what we do (we’ll even pay for your flights!). We can’t wait to show you how following a professional tipster can change your outlook. After all, as long as you’re not in touch with us and our stream of knowledgeable information, it’s only you that’s losing out.

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