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MGA Games, provider of localised slot games for global operators, has added two new hits to its Casino Slot games collection: Amarna Miller Cleopatra and Ana Catharina Cleópatra. These are two new localised productions that the company has developed and adapted to offer its operators content that is very familiar to their audiences.

Both slot games are set in ancient Egypt on the banks of the River Nile, the most mysterious and powerful civilisation in history, amidst its majestic monuments covered in hieroglyphs and imposing pyramids.

The character of Cleopatra, played by Amarna Miller and Anna Catharina, is a beautiful, strong and charismatic woman, just like Amarna and Anna in real life. Amarna Miller has traveled the world, has traveled the US while living in a van, and, as a YouTuber, she explores issues relating to environmental sustainability and breaking stigmas. While the Brazilian actress and yoga teacher, Ana Catharina, rose to fame after participating in the TV programme Big Brother Portugal where she demonstrated her strength of character and her fight against sexism.

Amarna Miller and Ana Catharina accompany and encourage players throughout their games. These medium volatility games feature the characteristic Wild symbols and the Scatter bonus games that players love because they increase their chances of winning.

The new, more realistic graphics transport players to unique and beautiful landscapes, and the four mini-games allow players to navigate the Nile in search of the hidden relics of Cleopatra. To access the mini-games, the player must get three of the Bonus I or Bonus II symbols. Each Bonus symbol gives players access to a mini-game selector screen where they can choose from two mini-games to play.

The careful work invested in the audio and music in this latest Spanish Celebrities Casino Slot game is another of the characteristics that stand out. The internationally renowned producer Quique Tejada, who is in charge of the music production for all MGA Games’ games, offers unique musical content, creating mystery, tension, and lots of emotion – a compelling and entertaining experience.

From today October 11th, Amarna Miller Cleopatra is available for MGA Games’ partner operators in all international markets. With the sole exception of Portugal, for whom the company has prepared the Portuguese Celebrities Casino Slot game, Ana Catharina Cleópatra, another 100% localised product that also debuts today.