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A ton of seasonal upgrades and events will be in most of mobile games as Halloween draws closer. Loongcheer Game announces that Adelamyth: Casual Idle RPG is joining the party, providing new Halloween events and rewards that will be available for a short period of time. 

Gameplay Overview

Let’s take a quick look at the game overview If you’ve missed our previous coverage about Adelamyth. Developed by Loongcheer Game, AdelaMyth: Casual Idle RPG ( or ‘Project: Deja Vu’ in iOS) adopts Cthulhu elements and comic strip-like, exposing you to supernatural sights and dark fantasy. It offers players a variety of battle formation options and 70+ heroes in six elements. Players will enjoy a super rich PVE and PVP gameplay in the game. It is a good choice for fans of tactical combat.

AdelaMyth: Casual Idle RPG brings a new Halloween skin for Summoners

The Halloween update will be live from October 31st. Adelamyth introduces a new Halloween skin alongside some festival benefits to celebrate the event. Summoners will enjoy a best deal for the skin to get a fresh look during the event.

(Berial with new Halloween skin)

Adelamyth: Casual Idle RPG Halloween 2022 update features fun gameplay events and rewards

To celebrate the launch of this game update, summoners will have the opportunity to participate in additional time-limited events where they may win presents with a Halloween theme and more:

– A great deal for New Halloween skin: Berial skin with attribute bonus. Adelamyth brings all players a best deal to celebrate Tricky party.

– Tricky Adventure gameplay: A gameplay where players have opportunity to meet random incidents and get rich rewards. Tricky Dice is especially designed for Halloween adventure. When rich event targets, accordingly gifts would be gained.

– More best deal in the game store: Players can get Tricky Treasure Chests at the most affordable price.

– A new gameplay: Eidolon: Eidolon is used as an extra attribute bonus.

Summoners, are you ready to enjoy the Tricky Party?

To get involved, download AdelaMyth: Casual Idle RPG for free right now on Google Play or App Store (named Project: Deja Vu) and enjoy your “ Trick or Treat” in your adventure!