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An outstanding year of growth for Slovakian based game development studio Pixel Federation, has led to impressive investment back into the company and a forward-thinking restructuring. After over a decade as CEO, Simon Sicko now steps away from directing and into a newly defined creative role. In turn, the leadership of Pixel Federation will enter a new era of team management. Taking on the challenge of leading the Research and Development team, which he himself launched in 2019, Simon is determined to get back to his roots with conceptualising new innovations within the development process.

“After many years as CEO, representing the company, I’ve grown from the ground up, I’ve found myself craving a move to roll up my sleeves and immerse myself back into the creative process.” said Sicko. “With a fantastic team at my disposal, I can get back to the roots of Pixel Federation creation and trust in the brilliant leadership to continue progressing Pixel; we are already working on a new ‘Build Tycoon’ game which we can’t wait to launch very soon.’

As an innovative, pioneering and successful CEO, Simon’s leadership saw the company grow from a small group of game enthusiasts to one of the biggest free-to-play mobile game development studios in Central Europe. Starting as just 4 founders, and a dog, in a leaky warehouse, to now boasting more than 230 employees, the company reached a cumulative turnover of more than €50 million for the year March 2020 – March 2021. However, determined not to let its success spill over into its ideology, Pixel Federation is turning its revenue inwards and focusing on games for its incredibly dedicated community, building the creative processes and research and development teams further: all in the name of creating games, from players to players.

Simon’s move away from CEO will not leave Pixel Federation lacking stability: in fact the company’s growth has meant a shift towards a multi-person management team at the top tier. Pixel Federation’s strong belief that community and transparency are the key to success will now be reflected all the way through the company, with three of the current top managers working together to lead the studio collaboratively. This new era of leadership comes with an ambition to increase the company’s performance twofold within just a few years, and the experience and motivation of the new leadership team will strive to do just that. With excellent financial and cultural conditions to drive change at the moment, Pixel Federation is expected to go from strength to strength as the year continues.

Awarded various prizes during his time as CEO, including The Most Respected CEO in Slovakia of 2020, Simon’s true passion for game creation has remained strong. With the ethos of community and dedication that Pixel Federation upholds at the core, Simon’s vision now is to dedicate his time to innovation and creative development. His first step will be immersing himself in building a new hit game that could earn €20 million annually in revenue for Pixel Federation. Leading the graphics teams, Simon will draw on his experience as an architect and his detailed eye for aesthetics to pave the way forward for Pixel Federation game designs.

‘I am looking forward to the challenge of delving deep into the culture of Pixel Federation with a small team and driving the creative process again. I have every faith and trust in the new management team and I am excited to continue bringing value to a company I believe has so much potential in the future of game development.’ concludes Simon, former CEO.

With a number of games in development for launch later this year, Pixel Federation will continue going from strength to strength, driving change in the gaming world and beyond.